All registrations are requested to be made on line. Registrations at the door will be accepted.

If your lodge does not donate $100 or $150, individual brethren may register for a fee is $50 (paid in advance by mailing a check or on line by credit card; or at the door by check or credit card). This $40 fee pays for attendance at both days of the Academy. One-day fees are NOT available.

Registration Payment Methods:

Check Payments: Make checks for donations and registration fees payable to REID JAMES SIMMONS ACADEMY and mail to (TBA).

Individual registration fees can be paid at the door, but registration on-line is required.

Credit Card Payments: Donations and registration fees can be made in advance on line or at the door.

PayPal fees will be added for credit card payments.

Thank you for registering on line. Click this link to pay.

Click here to download a Registration for to mail in.

Hotel registrations must be made directly with the hotel. See the “Hotel Accommodations” page in this website.