Dear Brethren:

Look at your Lodge and ask yourself, where might be the best place to promote our Mentoring Efforts and sharpen our Ritual outside of the Lodge?  Where might the Officers learn how to sharpen their Ritual Skills?  Where might we be able to gather as Brothers and enjoy the lessons of our Ritual in a learning atmosphere?  If you are searching for an answer, search no further.  The answer is the Reid James Simmons Academy of Masonic Ritual.  I firmly believe that the lifeblood of our fraternity flows directly through our beautiful ritual.  Learning it, understanding its meaning, and putting it into practice, both inside and outside our lodges, is what enables us to make a difference as we strive to be better men.

What can you expect to benefit from attending the Reid James Simmons Academy of Masonic Ritual?  A list could go on forever but I think I can sum it up in just a few lines.

First, it will help you perfect your Masonic ritual.  It will allow you to gain leadership skills that have value in your lodge and private life.  Perhaps most importantly, it will provide meaningful growth in your overall Masonic education

This year the Academy is at the Roanoke Scottish Rite Temple, August 16-17, 2019.  It is open to all Master Masons who are looking to improve their ritual and further their Masonic education.  As Grand Master, I strongly urge you to attend.  You will not regret it.  You will have valuable one-on-one time with quality instructors who will help you to perfect your ritual skills, especially for degree work and make strides toward earning your certificate.  I believe attendance at the Academy will allow you to have a most memorable fraternal experience.  I know you will go away from the experience with a new and better understanding and appreciation of our Ritual and what it teaches that can be used in both our Lodges and our Lives.

 Sincerely and fraternally,

Most Worshipful William Edward Hershey, Jr.

Grand Master of Masons in Virginia