Concurrent Ritual Workshops

Concurrent Ritual Workshops
SubjectLearning Objective/Lesson Outline


Entered Apprentice

Fellowcraft – Senior Deacon and Receiving in the East

Master Mason

Learning Objective: Review what you have previously learned and correct irregularities.


Lesson Outline: With one or more brethren, recite the lecture and correct errors and inconsistencies.



Entered Apprentice


Master Mason

Learning Objective: Become proficient in questions and responses.


Lesson Outline: If more than one Brother is participating, group will be divided into pairs, and one will be the examiner and the other will be the examinee. Lecturer will prompt and correct errors. Each pair will perform the catechism for the remainder of the group.

Chaplain Parts


Lodge Opening and Closing Prayers

Circumambulation during Degrees

Learning Objective: Become proficient in all Chaplain parts for prayers during opening and closing rituals and prayers and circumambulations during conferring degrees.


Lesson Outline: Individual and group sessions to perfect proficiency in words, movements, and timing for prayers and circumambulations.

Gold Card and Silver Card ExaminationsLearning Objective: Examinee will be tested for proficiency and if found proficient will be awarded a certificate.


Lesson Outline: Examination on all requirements stated in the Methodical Digest

Warden Certificate Preparation


EA Degree

FC Degree

MM Degree – First Section

MM Degree – Second Section

Learning Objective: Become proficient in Worshipful Master’s parts of the Certificate examination.Lesson Outline:  Perform parts of Worshipful Master; lecturer will perform all other parts. If multiple examinees, each will separately perform the parts and others will observe.


No certificates will be issued at the RJSA. Examinations must occur in the district of the examinee.

Teaching TechniquesLearning Objective: Learning various techniques for memorizing and for teaching ritual.
RuffiansLearning Objective: Become proficient in the words, mechanics, and timing of Ruffians.


Lesson Outline: Divided into the various parts and practice parts.

FellowcraftsLearning Objective: Become proficient in the words, mechanics, and timing of Fellowcrafts.


Lesson Outline: Divided into the various parts and practice parts.

Floor WorkLearning Objective: DIWs and LIWs will become proficient in all aspects of the ritual of opening and closing all three lodges and conferring all three degrees.


Lesson Outline:  DIWs and LIWs will be assigned stations and places and lecturers will prompt and correct errors in words and mechanics. Participates will be frequently among the various places and stations.

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