About the Academy

The Reid James Simmons Academy of Masonic Ritual is organized by the Grand Lodge Committee on Work, and is conducted by the Grand Lecturer, Assistant Grand Lecturer, and the Reid James Simmons Academy officers. The academy is designed to provide group and individual instruction in Masonic Ritual. There are multiple concurrent ritual workshops during the morning and afternoon session to teach catechisms, lecturers, and various parts within each degree. Brethren needing Instructor’s Certificates and Warden’s Certificates can attend classes to prepare for the examination. Each day, the Grand Lodge Committee on Work exemplifies Degrees. Exemplification includes periods for questions and answers to clarify wording, mechanics, timing, and Masonic significance or moral lessons enjoined. District Instructors of Work and Lodges Instructors of Work practice opening and closing lodges and conferring degrees and are coached and corrected on each degree in a space representing a lodge room. See the page “Concurrent Ritual Workshops for learning objectives and lesson outlines for breakout sessions.

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